Enjoying the view at Saksun, Faroe Islands.

Enjoying the view at Saksun, Faroe Islands.

About me

Ever since I was a child I used to love going on adventures. Whether that was out in the woods with my father or just going on a long drive to London with my Mother. I always liked to be going somewhere and having a story to tell afterwards.

I was always looking for a way to capture moments, textures and the general mood any place I found paticularly interesting. After trying sketching and painting I quickly realised it wasn’t the creative path for me. A few years later, when mobile phones started to have cameras in them, I discovered a passion for taking pictures. Whilst learning how to compose shots I didn’t really know anything else about the art form and continued to snap away with my mobile.

It wasn’t until a sunny day in the town of Wilmslow when I came across a photography stall that was selling images taken in Venice and India that my interest peaked further. Upon looking at the images I was blown away at how well they were presented and how much of an impact they made on me. It was at this point I knew photography was something I had to look into properly.

After buying a couple of prints from the stall I hung them in my home and started research on buying my first dslr camera. The very next day I purchased a canon 760d and learned as much as I could for the next couple of years.

Fast forward a few years and a few upgrades, I was finally able to get my hands on a full frame camera and a decent proffessional lens. After seeing my first print and all the textures and colours of the photo being brought to life I was sold on the vision of doing this seriously. Ever since I have strived to tell a story with each image I add to my portfolio hoping to inspire those who share my passion for photography and story telling whilst fulfilling my dream.