Old frustrations, new beginnings

Dear reader,

Thank you for visiting my site and I sincerely hope you have enjoyed viewing the images currently on display. As my first blog post I may be a little off key so do forgive me if I tend to ramble. I am extremely excited to open my first official photography website. It has been my dream to be finally doing what I love, but that doesnt mean its going to be plain sailing from here on out…

I remember the first time I went out to photograph nature thinking it was going to be as easy as point, shoot, home, edit, done. I was however extremely saddened by the quality of the photos when I uploaded them to the computer only to see out of focus blurry images taken at high iso when there was no need, or having the aperture at f11 with a slow shutter speed without using a tridpod, scratching my head as to why my images were blurry...Sadly this carried on for a good few weeks before I realised I actually did not know what I was doing. So from there it was a case of reading about settings, composition, and of course how to use a tripod. It was only after a few months of trial and error did I realise that I was not always going to get a decent image everytime I went out even if everything was technically correct. Sometimes it would be days or weeks before the conditions were good enough to let me take a striking image, or I might of missed a composition that had been blatantly staring me in the face only to realise it after the 10th time going back. All this “heartache” led me to one word. Persistance. It is because of this persistance I am truly pleased to present you with this site. Plenty still to do but this is the start of a life long journey and I hope you join me.

Lets do away with old frustrations and look forward to new beginnings.


Adam Edoo