On preparing for the Faroes

Hey guys,

I hope you’re well

In todays post I am going to talk about how I have currently prepared for my short trip to the Faroes. I had to recently invest in some hiking gear and the cost was not so friendly…Before I did my research I went ahead and booked the tickets and accomodation. As with anything it’s always good to know what you’re getting into first. However I decided to do it the opposite way, just as I have done most things in my life.

So lets get to it.

I booked my tickets and accomodation whilst thinking about what I would need, especially since its going to be cold and unpredictable in the Faroes. After rummaging through my old clothing only to realize I had nothing suited to hiking apart from some very good and worn in Timberland boots, I decided to research a few locations and how to get there first before doing the clothing research later…Much later…

So only a week to go till my trip and I decided it would be a good time to do research on hiking gear, I mean in my mind clothing and outdoors stuff looked relatively cheap right??? WRONG…When I researched the layering system properly such as base layer, insulating layer, shell and all the rest of it my heart sank straight to the bottom of my stomach. Little did I realise the cost involved. But I had to do what I had to do and as with anything in life worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. So I went ahead and invested in the above. A base layer, a woollen fleece, and a decent wind resistant shell jacket and shell pants with a new camera backpack that would allow for more equipment to be taken along with me. To say it cost me a small fortune wouldnt be far-fetched but I knew that if I was considering Iceland and Greenland after this then it was going to be essential. I like to think of it as an investment. I wont see the rewards yet, but once out in the field my thoughts hopefully wouldnt be on how cold or wet it is, but rather on chasing the best composition and light.

What did this teach me though?

This taught me that preparation is key. Absoulutley it is. Imagine if I went hiking with sneakers, a cotton hoodie and some jeans layered with other random wear and the conditions changed for the worst? My thoughts wouldnt be on photography any more, rather it would be on getting to my rented caravan and fast. As much as I like to think I know about landscape photography I dont know as much as I would like to…especially since this is my first trip to a place as remote as the Faroe islands. I am used to shooting around lakes and coastal lines around Sweden and not so much hiking in the mountains. But its something I want to do and im abouslutely determined to see it through. Another thing I wasnt anticipating was the weight of equipment and tripod on my back. I tried all of my gear on today, including the backpack and tripod and my oh my it was heavy. Doing a 4 to 5 hour hike would certainly not be easy, but im determined. I want to do it because I genuinley love it and im sure after the pain, hunger and fatigue, it will all be worth it. Even if I dont get the photos I want it will be a steep learning curve and a good one, the photos this time around will be an added bonus.

I am looking forward to keeping you all updated.