Faroe islands for 4 days

A thought had been playing on my mind for a while, not just a thought, but a place. The Faroe islands.

I spoke to my wife and she didnt seem overly keen or to know much about it at first, but after seeing a couple of photos on google and my eagerness to go she decided to come with me. I am currently doing research on this beautiful location and am trying to “scout” potential areas with the best spots for photography. Ever since seeing Youtuber, Nigel Danson, talk about its beauty whilst sharing a few tips I decided that this was the place I had go in order to take a step further in my photographic journey. I am excited yet nervous because it is the first time I will be going into such remote wilderness, but I dont intend to go utterly clueless. This will test me in many ways. Firstly my fitness, secondly my ability to compose a decent photograph (it shouldnt be that hard when the landscape makes it easy for you) and my ability to time the best lighting. As nervous as I am, I am looking forward to the challange and I hope to get some great shots out to you guys. I also hope to get a few “bloggy shots” to share with you all as well. Even if this trips end up a “photographic disaster” then I shall take it as a lesson hard learned and shall be better prepared next time. For now I shall do what I can to ensure as smooth an experience as possible.

See you all soon